Works in all these areas:

• Kitchen sinks
• Showers
• Bath tubs
• Laundry drains
• Garbage disposals
• Floor drains

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• Septic tanks & fields
• Lavatories
• Grease traps
• Cat litter pans
• Motor homes
• Outhouses
How does Bio-Clean work?

 When organic waste accumulates in your drain lines, it causes your sinks and bath tubs to drain slow and sometimes back up. Bio-Clean is an all natural enzyme that, when added to water, "eats" away organic waste that gets stuck in your sewer and drain lines. The enzymes in Bio-Clean are fast and go to work on contact. As they eat, they double in quantity every 30 minutes. They are unrestricted by gravity, so they travel through out your entire plumbing system to keep your pipes clean and trouble-free.
Bio-Clean : Dependable and Economical
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